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Toyota has been present in Vietnam since 1995 and operates in the fields of manufacturing, assembly, importation, and distribution of automobiles. In Vietnam, Toyota is well-known for various popular models such as Toyota Vios, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Innova, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Wigo, and Toyota Rush.


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Introduction Toyota Vietnam Project

In recent years, Toyota Vietnam has not only been actively involved in researching and developing technologies to create new car models that meet customer demands but also focused on promoting and bringing the Japanese brand closer to Vietnamese customers. In that communication campaign, Change Interaction has been a companion of Toyota Vietnam in building the website and designing applications for car exhibitions and test-drive events.
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In 2014, Toyota Vietnam had more than 38 dealerships nationwide. However, each dealership had its own website, resulting in a lack of strong brand recognition and inconsistent product information.

Therefore, Toyota Vietnam desired to synchronize all websites by establishing a centralized management system to facilitate more convenient information management.

Website Toyota
Website Toyota


To meet the brand's requirements, CI has designed the website for Toyota Vietnam with two main data groups: automatic updates from the system and data manually entered by dealership staff.

In addition, the website also includes all the necessary features of a standard automotive website, such as vehicle search, vehicle comparison, cost estimation, test drive registration, and more.

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Responsive web Toyota


  • The website effectively addresses the challenge of establishing a consistent brand identity for Toyota in Vietnam.
  • The products are synchronized across the system.
  • The dealers can easily manage customer information that is sent to the management system.
  • The user experience on the website has been improved, leading to a continuous increase in website traffic.
Kết quả web Toyota
Kết quả web Toyota
Kết quả web Toyota