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AIA Exchange is one of the business solutions that focuses on talent development within AIA. They offer training programs, workshops, consultations, and business support tools to help AIA advisors develop their skills, knowledge, and capabilities in asset management, risk protection, education funding, and retirement planning for their clients.


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Introduction AIA Vietnam Exchange Project

The business model pursued by AIA Exchange is a relatively new concept in Vietnam. Therefore, brand communication is a long journey. In the initial steps, AIA Exchange has chosen Corporate Identity (CI) to accompany them, laying a solid foundation in the campaign to bring the brand closer to the public.
Giới thiệu AIA Exchange


AIA Exchange aspires to have a youthful, modern website with a friendly image, clear content, highlighting the services that the business offers.
Yêu cầu



  • The dominant color scheme of the AIA Exchange website is based on the colors of AIA Vietnam, the overseeing entity of AIA Exchange, to strengthen the brand's cohesion and unity.
  • A prominent feature of the AIA Exchange website is using real-life images, providing a sense of closeness and high user reliability. Technical aspects of the website, such as compatibility across devices, page loading speed, and the smoothness of effects, are also emphasized to ensure users have the best experience when visiting the AIA Exchange website.
Giải pháp


  • The website interface aligns with the preferences of modern users that the brand targets.
  • The website content reflects the brand voice and provides effective user navigation.
  • The stable operation of the website management system enables administrators to quickly and accurately receive customer information.
  • The website has a well-organized structure, and standardized SEO content, providing maximum support for the business's advertising campaigns.
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