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Similac is a formula milk brand for children, produced by Abbott. Similac products are specifically designed to provide essential nutrients for infants to 3-year-old children, supporting their comprehensive development.


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Introduction Abbott Similac Project

With an increasing number of healthcare products for children appearing in the market, Abbott has partnered with Change Interaction to build a website to promote the Similac brand and execute advertising campaigns for each line of formula milk. This collaboration aims to broaden the reach of Similac products and enhance brand visibility.
Giới thiệu Abbott - Sản phẩm Similac


  • Similac is building a website not only to serve the purpose of sales but also to create a credible source of information for expecting and nurturing mothers. The website aims to provide valuable resources and support for mothers during pregnancy and early child-rearing stages.
  • Additionally, the brand envisions a website with a simple layout and vibrant colors, focusing on the "Sign-in" feature to enable customer information management.
Website Abbott - Sản phẩm Similac


  • Understanding the brand's needs, Change Interaction has emphasized the development of the "Sign-in" feature on the website. It has been designed with eye-catching colors to ensure ease of use for customers while providing convenient management for the business.
  • We also suggest integrating the website with Similac's online store on an e-commerce platform so that customers can easily and conveniently purchase products.
  • The website's content management system is built to be streamlined yet efficient, allowing the brand to publish and update information easily and save time.
Website Abbott - Sản phẩm Similac
Website Abbott - Sản phẩm Similac mobile


  • The website will be delivered on schedule, with the interface and content meeting the requirements specified by the brand.
  • Customer information collected from advertising campaigns will be gathered comprehensively and accurately, enabling administrators to manage the information easily and efficiently.
  • The number of users accessing the website continues to increase due to its SEO-optimized structure and content.
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