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Abbott Ensure

Ensure is a nutritional milk brand specifically designed for older adults and produced by Abbott, a multinational healthcare company. This milk product contains essential nutrients to help maintain health and provide energy for the body, including protein, fats, various vitamins, and minerals.


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Introduction Abbott Ensure Project

Abbott has selected Change Interaction as a partner to build a website to introduce Ensure Gold to customers and execute advertising campaigns for the product in upcoming stages.
Giới thiệu Abbott- Sản phẩm Ensure


  • The Ensure brand wishes to have a website with simple content and a clear message so that the target audience, older adults, can easily grasp it.
  • The website's content management system should also meet the following criteria: easy data input, comprehensive customer information capture, and quick, intuitive navigation.
Website Abbott- Sản phẩm Ensure


Change Interaction places special emphasis on the "Search" function to save time for users who are not regular online shoppers but still want to quickly find desired content. By entering keywords, users will receive relevant products and news.
Website Abbott- Sản phẩm Ensure
Website Abbott- Sản phẩm Ensure mobile


  • The website interface will be simple, intuitive, and user-friendly.
  • Images will be strategically placed to enhance professionalism and attract users' attention.
  • In addition to product information, the website's content will also provide educational materials on nutrition and health.
  • The loading speed of the pages will be fast, and the website will operate smoothly on both computers and mobile devices.
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