12 Effective and Reliable Email Marketing Tools in 2023

12 Effective and Reliable Email Marketing Tools in 2023

As a marketer, our common goal is to establish strong brand presence to generate revenue. Among various communication trends, email stands out as a preferred means, loved by over 73% of millennials. Email is fast, reliable, and cost-effective. It helps nurture customer relationships and reach diverse audiences.

Are you looking for the best email marketing tools for your business? Utilizing the power of email marketing and identifying the best software to support your business needs is not an easy task. Check out the list of the top 12 email marketing tools in 2023 to enhance the effectiveness of your Digital Marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Email Marketing in establishing business-customer relationships:

  1. Introducing new products and services to consumers
  2. Sharing industry events and business news
  3. Notifying about contests, events, and promotional programs
  4. Promoting blog content
  5. Guiding consumers throughout the purchasing journey

Top 12 Email Marketing Tools in 2023

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is an email marketing tool with a user-friendly interface and comprehensive analytics. It is a cost-effective platform that allows effective campaign evaluation through A/B testing and marketing automation for campaign optimization.

Active Campaign
Active Campaign


MailChimp is a popular and reliable email marketing platform. It offers various useful features for building and interacting with users, converting potential customers into actual customers. It has multiple service plans to fit businesses of different sizes, with 24/7 customer support.

MailChimp is the most popular and trusted Email Marketing tool


Optimize marketing strategies with Gist, a comprehensive solution that includes marketing automation, live chat, and event tracking, providing an excellent experience for your website visitors.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact facilitates easy brand building through Email Marketing. It offers simple drag-and-drop functions and easy-to-use editing tools, making it a platform preferred by many e-commerce websites for advertising campaigns on social media and customer interaction. With an impressive sending success rate of up to 97%, you can rest assured that your messages won't be ignored.

Consant Contact là một công cụ dễ sử dụng với các chức năng kéo, thả đơn giản
Constant Contact is an easy to use tool with simple drag and drop functions


HubSpot is an all-in-one solution supporting both sales and marketing for businesses. It helps achieve sales goals faster with potential customer management, advertising software, and task management tools. Its available email marketing tools help build meaningful relationships with customers, leading to sustainable profits.

HubSpot is a comprehensive solution with features to support both sales and marketing for businesses
HubSpot is a comprehensive solution with features to support both sales and marketing for businesses


GlueUp is a breakthrough digital marketing solution in the event industry, helping businesses boost ticket sales and increase revenue. It provides reliable tools for easily organizing outstanding events.


Zoho is an impressive email marketing tool with attractive email templates and real-time analytics. It supports customer interaction and boosts sales. Its diverse digital tools help automate marketing strategies and increase productivity for small businesses.


Act-on is a perfect addition to your toolkit if you want to expand your customer base. The cloud-based Act-on platform optimizes customer interactions, turning visitors into business opportunities. It supports both large and small companies in creating excellent brand experiences and improving sales processes.


Sendinblue offers the necessary marketing support for business growth. Their intuitive email marketing tool allows users to create effective email campaigns. Personalization features from segmentation to automation will enhance user brand experience.

Interface of Email Marketing tool Sendinblue
Interface of Email Marketing tool Sendinblue

Campaign Monitor

This tool helps marketers build effective campaigns with professional email templates or easy content editing. It can automatically guide customer journeys and segment contacts effectively.


SalesHandy is a productivity-boosting email tool that helps build effective campaigns directly in your inbox. It assists in tracking, scheduling, and monitoring messages sent through your email provider. SalesHandy provides essential information for better interactions with email recipients and increased sales.

Moosend: Moosend is an ideal email automation tool with many features to help users create beautiful and effective emails without the need for deep design knowledge. Combining Moosend with your online store allows you to automate campaigns for abandoned cart and product recommendations. Sharing forms on social media easily expands your email subscriber list, increasing your business opportunities.


With the list of reliable Email Marketing platforms for various industries shared above, you can choose the suitable tool for your next campaigns. Do you know any other effective email marketing tools? Share them with us!

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