Sale Manager

Charmington La Pointe Building- 181- Cao Thang- Ward 12- District 10
  • Salary is based on competence. (the deal)
  • Commissions and Rewards based on work performance.
  • Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, ...
  • Annual health examination.
  • Annual travel.

What you’ll do:

    • Responsible for the performance of the Sales Department to develop the Company's services such as Website, Mobile App, CRM, Digital Marketing, Hosting & Domain, ...
    • Coordinate with Marketing, Board of Directors to research the market, plan and develop the market.
    • Performing managerial tasks for the sales staff.
    • Ensure revenue targets according to assigned targets, delivery targets for sales staff.
    • Set goals and implementation plans for salespeople.
    • Proposal of business campaigns, advertising campaigns, promotions.
    • Building systems and policies to expand the market.
    • Classify customers according to criteria, establish approaches to each type of customers and train sales staff.
    • Track the customer contact process of each salesperson, synthesize contact reports, give directions to overcome, improve contact methods and retrain employees.
    • Maintain and develop Customer network and maintain relationships with Customers.
    • Control, support and human resource management of Sales Department.
    • Connect with Customer Service to solve requests, answer questions from customers and ensure customers' satisfaction in using services at the company.
    • Report the business activities by week, month, quarter, year or at the request of the Board of Directors.
    • Carry out work under the direction of superiors.

What you’ll bring:

    • Graduated College or University with a major in Economics, Commerce, Business Administration, Marketing or Information Technology.
    • Knowledge the IT market and products - services of the Company (products / services online & information technology).
    • Having at least 3 years of working in the professional field and having worked as a leader or a Sales Manager in other companies.
    • Skilled leadership, administration, organization, management and staff development. Having strategic vision, experience in business, planning monthly, quarterly and yearly, market segmentation and directing implementation.
    • Ability to communicate Confidently, convince listeners, polite, fun, gracious.
    • Negotiation, agreement and persuasion skills
    • Proficient in English, able to communicate well with foreign partners.
    • Able to build a solidarity team with passion and dedication to the job.
    • Good communication, able to establish and maintain relationships with customers.
    • Responsible, under pressure as well as sales.
    • Capable of developing and implementing project sales plans.
    • Able to build marketing programs for the company.
    • Ability to train succession team.


    • Ability to analyze and be sensitive to market opportunities, with a wide relationship.
    • Ability to work independently and teamwork well.
    • Carefully. Have good logical thinking, grasp the job fast.
    • Responsible for the job. Get involved and collaborate with people around you to get the job done on time with quality.
    • Withstand high pressure at work and always try to find solutions to solve problems.
    • Confident, honest and honest, always looking for opportunities to advance career, improve qualifications.

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